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Our featured projects

Fitness & Workout

A fitness and workout app is a mobile application designed to help users achieve their fitness goals and lead a healthier lifestyle. The app offers a range of features, including customizable workout plans, an exercise library, progress tracking, nutrition tracking, community support, and personalized coaching. By utilizing these tools, users can create personalized workout plans, track their progress over time, and receive support and advice from a community of like-minded individuals. With the help of a fitness and workout app, users can develop healthy habits, achieve their desired weight and body composition, and improve their overall physical and mental well-being.


A sleep tracker app designed to help individuals track and monitor their sleep patterns and quality. The app provides a range of features, including sleep tracking, sleep analysis, a sleep diary, sleep reminders, sleep soundscapes, and sleep tips and advice. By utilizing these tools, users can identify factors that may be affecting their sleep quality and make adjustments to improve their overall sleep habits. The app can provide insights into how long users spend in each sleep stage and analyze the sleep data collected to offer suggestions on how to improve their sleep quality. Additionally, the app may provide a range of ambient sounds to help users relax and fall asleep more easily. Overall, a sleep tracker app can be a valuable tool for individuals looking to improve their sleep habits, reduce the risk of sleep-related health issues, and wake up feeling more refreshed and energized.

Our Expertise

Experts in every aspect of the product lifecycle

At techease, we offer a complete range of services that build up business value, from the initial idea and formulation of product strategy, through building a prototype and testing it with users, right to the creation of the product itself

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UI/UX Design

Techease is dedicated to delivering outstanding user experiences, and their UI/UX design services reflect that commitment. They have the skills and experience to design user interfaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and intuitive to use, ensuring that their clients' apps and websites are both visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Mobile Development

Techease also offers top-notch mobile development services, helping businesses and companies develop custom mobile applications that meet their unique needs and goals. With a focus on user experience and functionality, Techease creates high-quality mobile apps that are both user-friendly and effective.

Web Development

Techease offers comprehensive web development services, delivering customized and user-friendly websites that meet the specific needs of each client. They have the expertise to develop websites using the latest technologies and industry standards, ensuring that their clients have a modern, efficient, and effective online presence.

Quality Assurance

Techease understands the importance of delivering high-quality solutions, and their quality assurance services reflect that understanding. They use a range of testing and validation techniques to ensure that their clients' websites and apps are free of bugs, errors, and other issues, and that they meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Call Center

Techease also offers call centre services, helping businesses and companies manage their customer interactions effectively. They use advanced technology and processes to ensure that customer interactions are streamlined and efficient, and that customers receive prompt and effective support.

Research Sprint

Techease is also equipped to conduct research sprints, which are fast-paced and focused efforts to quickly gather and analyze data. Their research sprints are designed to provide clients with actionable insights and information that can be used to inform product development and strategy decisions.

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