Strategy & Digital

We create innovative solutions through comprehensive

research, talking to real customers, and testing prototypes.

The Research Sprint

With a research sprint, we work with you to identify your business
opportunity, conduct user interviews, collect feedback and help you
make the most informed business decisions.


We Start with a discovery workshop to discuss the business opportunity, identify potential customers and build a working understanding of the problem that we’re solving.


In order to validate the success of our solution, we’ll need to recruit real customers. Through surveys or onsite visits, we’ll identify the right people to interview.


We’ll conduct several one-on-one interviews with real customers. We’ll ask important question to identify their needs and pains, and then present our prototype to gather feedback.


A conversation with customers is just the start. Working with your team, we’ll build a prototype of our solution and use this during our interview to further validate our product.


With real customer feedback and a prototype, we’ll be able to answer the most important questions about your business model. We’ll either build or iterate.


If the research sprint confirms our assumptions, we’ll begin the process of developing the full product through an iterative development cycle, from UX to design to development.

Business Immersion

We do our best work when we have a deep understanding of your business. We accomplish this through business immersion sessions, on-site visits and interviews with your team and custoomers. When we understand your business, competitors, customers and values, then we can provide the most value. We’re no longer just a vendor, but a part of your team.

Business Goal

We understand that clients expect a return on their investment. Working with your team, we will build a strategy based on your business goals. We’ll set expectations regarding timelines, budget and process

User Research

Software should be designed for the people using it. Rather than driving our decisions by assumptions, we research and interview real users in order to build products that matter. Whether the users are part of your organization or customers you haven’t acquired yet, we’ll work with you to identify and interview them.

Measure & Learn

Too many businesses rely on minimal or insubstantial data. From the very outset, we identify key metrics and the mechanisms that we’ll user to capture and measure the data. This data gives us true insights into our progress and assumptions, which in turn leads us towards making better, more informed decisions.




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