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      Environmental & Sustainability Policy

In Compliance with Pakistan Environmental Protection Act (PEPA-1997), together with all other applicable statutory provisions and relevant codes of practice.

At TechEase Solutions, we believe that we have an obligation — to our employees, our communities, our customers and the environment — to operate our business sustainably. Our management is responsible for enabling employees to contribute to our environmental objectives and to implement this policy.


Operating our business sustainably has been a core value at TechEase Solutions from its inception and this commitment is embedded in our culture and our sustainability guiding principles:

  • Creating healthy, collaborative and innovative work environments
  • Reducing operational costs and increasing productivity through thoughtful resource conservation and waste reduction
  • Driving profit responsibly
  • Fostering a culture of involvement in sustainability through employee education and engagement
  • Enabling our customers to become more sustainable through the use of our products.


Specifically, TechEase Solutions will:

  • Continue to develop digital products and product features designed to enhance the sustainability initiatives of both employees and customers
  • Partner with our community to operate sustainably, reduce waste, and commit to powering digital delivery of our services and products with maximum renewable energy.
  • Continue to provide healthy workspaces for our employees through sustainable renovations, construction, operations, and certification whenever possible.
  • Continuously improve tracking of sustainability metrics throughout our operations and digital supply chain.
  • Reach our goal of running our operations, and digital delivery of product, with 100% Renewable Energy by 2035 through a sound strategy of:
    • Energy efficiency excellence
    • On-site renewable energy when it makes economic sense
    • Policy Advocacy and partnerships to enable a low-carbon economy throughout our digital supply chain and encourage grid-scale, affordable renewable energy for everyone in the communities where we work and live
    • Investigation and implementation of renewable energy instruments
  • Educate and engage employees on sustainability at home, work, and throughout their communities through a combination of employee communications, learning sessions, and hands-on opportunities
  • Our environmental policies and practices aim to protect, conserve, and sustain natural resources along with our customers and the communities where we live and operate
  • To use our creative skills and strengths as a global organisation to promote sustainability with climate change agenda and incorporating sustainable development themes across our portfolio of activity.
  • Communicating our progress in reducing our environmental impact to internal and external stakeholders.


TechEase Solutions expects that each employee, vendor and visitor will follow the above practices to ensure that TechEase Solutions meets its reported sustainability goals. This Sustainability Policy has direct lineage to TechEase Solutions’s Code of Business Conduct . Please follow the guidelines set in this policy statement.